more cinematics


created for vivendi universal games, dean was asked to produce a set of cinematics for war of the rings. but with little time and little money, they needed a miracle. inspired by graphic illustration, dean created a unique and alternative approach to the traditional 3d cinematic, both experimental and bold for the form. the full motion 3d cinematic was textured and rendered to appear as if wrought entirely on paper...

cgi services were provided by mokko studio

enjoy this montage of still frames from the finals.

(really must get some music behind this...)

for the release of the hobbit on the game cube, dean was once again hired by vivendi universal games to produce a series of theatrical cinematics.

cgi services were provided by meteor studios.

produced in 5 days from just a handful of stills, dean created these cinematics himself for empire earth 2. and yes, it was for vivendi universal games.